The Role of UPF 50 Sun Protection Umbrella

 The hot summer has come, Are you doing enough to protect your skin ? The weather is good in the summer, people like to go outside to take activity and go on holidays, enjoying the time with family and friends, but sunshile is very strong in the outdoor.  The skin is easily hurt when outside for a long time, even if you use the sun cream, you’d better take an UPF50+ umbrella, because the effect of sun cream will weaken after 1 or 2 hours. Under an UV protection umbrella , you will feel not that hot. It is cool in the shade.  A study says that there are more and more skin cancer because people don’t have enough care about the skin. UV rays are so strong, causing DNA damage, wrinkles and age spots. This year, the highest temperature all over the world has been cut the history record. It is so terrible to walk outside without an UV protection umbrella. The skin is exposed to the strong sunlight directly. It is burning, like BBQ. Taking an UPF50+ umbrella, block out 98% of harmful UV rays.

Create Personality Creative Umbrella to Win The Industry's Future

Umbrellas are basically a must for every household. Friends who have used umbrellas may have heard of a brand that is Septrainbow . After over 20 years of development, it is quite influential in the umbrella industry. Leader of technological innovation It is reported that Septrainbow Company specializes in the production of various types of sunny umbrellas, folding umbrella, golf umbrellas , reverse umbrella, beach umbrellas, advertising umbrellas, sun umbrellas, personalized umbrella and various fashion accessories. The company's products sell well in more than 45 countries and regions including the United States, Japan, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Australia.  The products of Septrainbow can be exported to the world and have been widely recognized by the market, which is related to do with the company's emphasis on technical standards and technological innovation. In past 20 years, we manufactured top quality and individuality umbrellas for many industry-leading customers aroun

Large Golf Umbrella

 Although the super large golf umbrella is not too common in daily life, we can often see it in golf clubs and racing competitions. The biggest feature of this umbrella is the super large size. It can be said to be the largest umbrella that can be held in our hands. The normal specifications are between 25 inches and 32 inches. As more people understand the excellent characteristics of this umbrella, such as good quality, beautiful appearance, good sunshade and rainproof effects, golf umbrellas are gradually popularized, and high-end hotels, high-end clubs, and high-end residential villas have also begun to be adopted in large numbers. Choose materials for golf umbrellas are more elaborate. The umbrella frame is mostly made of full fibreglass materials, and the unique toughness of the fiberglass frame ensures that the umbrella will not be easily blown off in the stormy.  But if consider it from a cost perspective, the iron material will be cheaper, but it will easily to break in a sho

T-shirt Knowledge Introduction

 1. What is grammage? Gram weight is generally used to indicate the thickness of the fabric, the greater the weight, the thicker the clothes. The weight of T-shirt is generally between 160 grams and 220 grams, too thin will be very transparent, too thick will be stuffy, generally choose between 180-260 grams. (Short-sleeved T-shirts are generally based on 180-220 grams. This thickness is just right to wear. Long-sleeved T-shirts generally choose 260 grams of fabric, which is thicker) 2. What is count? Definition: The number of length yards of cotton yarn with a nominal weight of one pound. Coarse count yarn: pure cotton yarn with 18 counts or less, mainly used for weaving thick fabrics or piled looped cotton fabrics. Middle count yarn: 19-29 count pure cotton yarn. Mainly used for knitted garments with general requirements. Fine yarn: 30-60 pure cotton yarn. Mainly used for high-grade knitted cotton fabrics. The higher the count will be softer, In general T-shirts are 21 and 32. 3. Wh

Are the more umbrella bones, the better?

The number of umbrella ribs is not fixed. It is only adjusted according to different needs. There is no absolute statement. Therefore, the number of umbrella ribs is not necessarily as large as possible. The quality of the umbrella depends not only on the number of ribs, but also on what material it is made of. The number of ribs cannot directly identify the quality of the umbrella. But the more ribs of the umbrella, the rounder the umbrella surface. So the more ribs, the more beautiful it is. The more ribs are relatively strong, but also heavier. Umbrella skeletons are generally 6-8, and the most can reach 24 bones, which are mainly used in straight umbrellas. There are usually 6 ribs, 7 ribs, or 8 ribs for sun umbrellas. The most common ones are 8-bones iron and steel. 8 bones and 16 bones are used in rain umbrellas. In order to reduce costs, many umbrellas are now made with 7 bones. The 6-bones and the 7-bones are mostly used in ultra-light umbrellas for sunshades, and most of the m

What is the difference between a POLO shirt and a T-shirt?

 1. Different Concepts T-shirts are a general term, including round-neck T-shirts, V-neck T-shirts, double-neck T-shirts, fashion contrast T-shirts, etc. The styles of T-shirts are ever-changing and unrestrained. It can be fashionable, business formal, plain, and personalized printing. Compared with T-shirts, POLO shirts have a much smaller scope, generally referring to specific styles of lapel and open collars. Because the world international brand "POLO" Paul shirt is famous, a name derived from it. 2. Different Collars Most of the collars of POLO shirts are designed with lapel, there are large lapel and small lapel, and the texture of the lapel is relatively hard, which can be easily turned up and stood. There are many collar designs for T-shirts, including lapel, round neck and V-neck, but even for lapel T-shirts, the fabric of the collar is as soft as clothing and cannot stand upright. 3. Different Waists In order to make men look more upright after wearing, POLO shirts

How to quickly stack T-shirts?

 1. Lay the T-shirts flat on the table or cabinet, and flatten the T-shirt. 2. Visually inspect the horizontal mid-line of the T-shirt. It doesn't need to be so accurate. Visually inspect it probably belongs to the mid-line. 3. Visually find the midpoint of the left shoulder, also visually find a rough midpoint, and find a line down from the midpoint, which is perpendicular to the horizontal mid-line. 4. Pinch the intersection point A of the two lines with your left hand, pinch the midpoint B of your shoulder with your right hand, then pinch the midpoint of your shoulder with your right hand (B), pull up the T-shirt, keep your left hand still, turn your right hand over your left hand, and turn B Point coincides with point C on the bottom of the T-shirt. 5. Pinch the intersection point A with your left hand, pinch the coincident point BC with your right hand, lift the T-shirt, shake it gently, and then lay it flat on the table. Remember, both hands are still not relaxed 6. Fold dow

T-shirt Washing and Maintenance

 When washing, you can put some salt in the water and rinse it with clean water, which is a good way to prevent the clothes from fading. You can turn the short-sleeved T-shirt over and wash, avoid rubbing the patterned side, try to wash by hand and don’t use a dryer, and don’t pull the neckline when drying clothes to prevent deformation; Do not wash with detergent containing bleach, wash with warm or cold water below 40℃. The printing position cannot be pulled, rubbed, twisted, or ironed to prevent the printing from falling off. Dehydrate the clothes first when drying, and squeeze them by hand without a dehydrating device. Try not to wring them dry with your hands. When drying, you can fold the clothes through the clothes rails, and try not to line them up with drying racks to prevent the clothes from being too heavy and causing the hem of the T-shirt to sag and deform. Do not expose to the sun when drying, so as not to cause fading. Some short-sleeved T-shirts are made of elastic fab

The difference between pure cotton T-shirt and all cotton T-shirt

 1. All-cotton T-shirts means that the fabric is made of 100% cotton. The pure cotton T-shirt is a T-shirt made of cotton as the textile material and interwoven by warp and weft yarns. Cotton with more than 75% cotton is pure cotton. However, with the development of the clothing industry, people usually regard these two fabrics as one meaning, just the sayings are different. 2. According to different processing procedures and techniques, cotton T-shirts have certain differences in the clothes produced. For example, pure cotton clothes are easy to wrinkle, while some all-cotton clothes are not easy to wrinkle because of the different fabrics processed. How to identify whether a T-shirt is pure cotton fabric? 1. Look at the feel The pure cotton fabric feels natural and soft, feels plump and thick, with a slight astringency and bone texture, and can be pulled less, and the recovery speed after pulling is slow. While the chemical fiber fabric feels soft, slippery, and has a large stretch.

T-shirt culture and commercial illustration

With the development of society and economy, people's consumption concepts and lifestyles are undergoing tremendous changes, and individualized consumption needs have become the persistent pursuit of every consumer. The demand for T-shirt patterns has shifted from the era of mass consumption to the era of personalized consumption. Today's T-shirts focus on expressing individualized positions and attitudes from patterns, and entrust personal ideological pursuits. The pattern plays an accent and prominent effect in the T-shirt. Therefore, pattern design is particularly important. 1. The current situation of the integration of commercial illustration and T-shirt culture In the development process of contemporary fashion aesthetics and design popularity, people propose to cross-border the commercial illustration and T-shirt culture. By exploring the relationship between commercial illustrations, T-shirt graphic design and T-shirt popular culture, people could examine the T-shirt c

What is a gift umbrella?

Gift umbrella is presented to customers as gifts. As a publicity carrier, they have great fluidity, bright colors and good visual effects. The pattern design is not restricted, the structure can be chosen at will, beautiful and durable, high quality and price, etc., and become a corporate gift. An important form of propaganda. Therefore, gift umbrella customization is the best choice for corporate promotion. Role and Value Benefits of gift umbrella : 1. The advertising effect is good: the scope of advertising is wide, and it is necessary to use umbrellas not only on rainy days, but also on sunny days, which has all-weather advertising benefits. 2. Low input cost: The cost of gift umbrellas is low, a beautiful gift umbrella only costs about $5, and companies or customers generally can use it for more than one year. 3. Strong practicability: shelter from the wind and rain, sun and sun shade, whether it is in the city or the country, adults or children, you must use an umbrella. It is a

Personalized customization of cultural T-shirts

 T-shirts are divided into round neck T-shirts, lapel T-shirts and POLO shirts . Polo shirts are T-shirts with lapels and 2-3 buttons on the front. They are slim fit and have noble taste. Lapel T-shirts are with lapel, loose-fit and casual T-shirts; The round neck T-shirt has a simple structure, and the style changes are usually on the neckline (V-neck, one-word neck), hem, and sleeves, which are suitable for printing decoration. The above listed T-shirts without printing and embroidered decorations are called printable T-shirts. These printed and embroidered shirts are called cultural T-shirts, cultural and creative T-shirts or cultural shirts. T-shirt Production The global production of T-shirts has increased from 10,460 million pieces in 2007 increased to 13,050 million pieces in 2016, annual growth 2. 5%. In terms of value, the output value in 2016 was 49,330 million U.S. dollars, which is only a slight increase compared with the previous years; and from 2007 to 2016, the average a

Cultural T-shirt

 A T-shirt with a certain cultural element pattern is also called Wenchuang T-shirt. Expressing thoughts, interests, hobbies and tastes through pictures and texts, cultural T-shirts are no longer just a kind of clothing, but also a cultural creative fashion product today, a practical product of popular culture, and a variety of artistic derivatives. When there are unique and creative patterns on the T-shirt, it is no longer an ordinary dress. The T-shirt has become a display board of personal ideas and personality, which can show a theme and reflect a kind of taste. It can also convey politics, economy, Cultural and fashion information. Cultural T-shirts have been popular all over the world for a long time. Thanks to their comfortable wearing and reasonable prices, they have been printed and decorated with avant-garde graphic design to express various ideologies and cultures. T-shirts have taken a place in all cultural levels of today's society. The classification of cultural T-sh

T-shirt Customization

 In order to meet the increasingly strong individual needs of consumers, with the development of automation and printing digitization in the manufacturing industry, it brings the mode C2M (Customer-to-Manufactory). Customers directly reach to the factories. In the era of pursuing individuality, more and more products have begun to be customized. Designers and distributors hope that consumers will integrate more into product design to make the retail experience more interesting, and they also hope to increase Consumers' stickiness to customization. The C2M model can truly solve the inventory problem in the apparel industry. All production can be determined by consumers, and consumers can participate in on-demand production without causing huge inventory pressure on production and brands. In addition, C2 M can truly realize intelligence. In this way, customer orders can reach to the factory directly, eliminating all intermediate channels and greatly shortening the production preparat

Which T-shirt fabric is better?

 1. Polyester cotton Cotton + polyester refers to the collective name of blended fabrics of polyester and cotton. Generally there are two classification methods of blending and interweaving. The advantage is that it has good wrinkle resistance and is not easy to deform; the disadvantage is that it is easy to fluff, and the fabric feels hard after two dying. The hand feels soft and thick, and it is not easy to be deformed during washing, but the comfort of clothes is slightly worse than that of pure cotton. The 65% cotton T-shirt fabric is okay, while the 35% cotton is inferior. It is uncomfortable to wear and easy to pilling. 2. 100% cotton This is a more commonly used T-shirt fabric, which is very cost-effective. Although it is not like other high-end T-shirt fabrics, which have been processed by a special process, it is 100% pure cotton which still maintains the superior natural characteristics of pure cotton and has good skin-friendliness, good air permeability and good moisture ab

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DIY Umbrella

If you or your company are interested in customizing DIY UMBRELLA as gift for your clients or business partners ? Print your own photo or design, Keep your gifts are different from the rest ! It's the great option as gifts or high-end promotional items, and No MOQ Requirement. Our products and service are as below: Reverse Umbrella Series: - Print your photo/design on the umbrella canopy (Inside, Outside or Both sides) Compact Umbrella Series: - Print your photo/design on the umbrella canopy (Inside or Outside) FAQ: 1) MOQ: No Minimum Order Quantity Requirement. 2) Print Method: High Quality Digital Printing 3) Print Design/Requirement: Any of your design and photo can be printed by our digital technology. 4) This is the true DIY Umbrella: If you have 500 different photos or designs, We can also help you to print them on the 500 unit different umbrellas seperately. The price is the same. 5) Shipping: Free shipping to your door by express. 6) Shipping Time:

Are you doing enough to protect your skin?

From June to September, it is the summer holiday season. During this period of time, the weather is usually good. People like to go outside to take activity and go on holidays, enjoying the time with family and friends. While it is very hot and the sun is strong. The skin is easily hurt when outside for a long time. In order to have fun in the sun , an UPF50+ umbrella is essential. Even if you use the sun cream, you’d better take an UPF50+ compact umbrella, because the effect of sun cream will weaken after 1 or 2 hours. Under an UV protection umbrella, you will feel not that hot. It is cool in the shade. A study says that there are more and more skin cancer because people don’t have enough care about the skin. UV rays are so strong, causing DNA damage, wrinkles and age spots. This year, the highest temperature all over the world has been cut the history record. It is so terrible to walk outside without an UV protection umbrella. The skin is exposed to the strong sunlight directly. It i

Mid-Autumn Festival in Xiamen

In another month, it will be the annual Mid-Autumn Festival, the 15th day of the eighth lunar calendar. Xiamen “Mid-Autumn BoBing Tourism Carnival” has been held for seven consecutive years. It is committed to promoting Xiamen's BoBing folk culture to overseas, so that overseas receivers can understand and experience the folk customs of southern Fujian. Mid-Autumn Festival is a unique and popular folklore activity in southern Fujian. It is a game for entertainment. It uses six dices throwing combinations to determine the prizes. Most of the prizes are daily necessities, such as reverse umbrella , toothpaste, towels, cups, snacks and so on. Using large dices and giant throwing bowls and other props bring the powerful impact and shock. Many people come to Minnan, and they will be impressed by this custom with strong festive colors. The folklore of BoBing aims at happiness and for good luck. Most people are willing to believe that the people who get the champion will have a part

Xiamen, Sea and Love Story

Xiamen is a beautiful city, especially in the summer, always bring you surprises and stories ! There are Bright sunshine, Soft beaches, Meandering sea, Bustling streets, Quiet park, Romantic love stories, Beautiful but sad girls, AND UNIQUE YOU ! Keep You Unique and Personalized: